The 7 VIBRANTs—Body Energy

Body energy…what’s it all about?

Where’s body energy come from, and how can you consistently sustain body energy during your day...? Or at least not waste it...?

Ever thought about it …? Maybe body energy comes into focus during the mid-afternoon lull when fighting to keep your eyes open during work? Maybe body energy comes into focus when out for a run, a walk, a swim, or a ride. Maybe body energy comes into focus after your emotions take you some place you don't want to go. that you have to spend time and energy cleaning up from later. Maybe body energy comes into focus at work or home when doing things out of obligation rather than desire. These are just a few examples of how  you can get a read on body energy.

I’ve been on a twenty-five your journey learning about body energy living with Multiple Sclerosis, a condition that damages my nerves. My nerves fray and leak energy.

It’s like the insulation on a hot water pipe wearing away causing heat to escape. In my case, instead of heat, by nerves leak energy, causing my muscles to work extra hard processing nerve signals causing my muscles to work extra hard trying to receive messages. But these leaks can happen across the 7 VIBRANT elements. If your emotions take you places you don't want. If you're powered by obligation rather than desire at work, aren't mindful of where your words or thoughts take you., or lack authentic connection with those around you.

The journey began as an obsession to become aware and make the most of physical ‘chi’ energy. It evolved into understanding and making the most of energy at each of the six other body energy centers. Knowing how to access and channel these energies to power your best life ,mindfully, can make a BIG difference in how you experience life.

The 7 VIBRANTs system evolved to allow you to keep tabs on how you use body energy to generate your most VIBRANT reflection or best self with greater clarity, focus, and consistency.

The Seven different and distinct body energies are:


energy of connection


energy of the mind + thought


energy of the voice + communication


heart energy of abundance, love + service


energy of desire or will


energy of feeling


‘chi’ energy of life force / prana

Are you leveraging your seven native VIBRANT body  energies to create the life you want?
And do you do it with focus, consistency, and ease?
Might be easier than you think… At VIBRANT U Academy we assist you to best use your 7 native energies to live the life YOU WANT.