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How we assist you . . .

I. Identify your Gap...

Between the life you're living and the one you want to live. Start with the free Quiz.

II. Then close your gap! Following the high-level steps, and services below.

Step A. Where You Stand

Understand how what you think, say and do create the life, YOU WANT. Allowing you to shift into the life YOU WANT with persistent focused clarity.

This is our special sauce and key to enabling the live YOU WANT by first understanding whether your thoughts, words and actions lead to the outcomes you want.

Step B. What YOU Want

Identify what YOU WANT from life, based on your internal desires and innate abilities to make 'it' happen. Knowing where you want to go, gives you a better chance of ending up where you want (with the 'important' things taken care of.)

This allows you to experience greater joy and presence in the moment.

Step C. Close Your Gap

Act consistently with support to live the life YOU WANT. Increasing your chances of making the life YOU WANT, happen.

This is about taking consistent, routine action on the things YOU WANT, and checking in regularly to know you're on track.



Start Your Journey.

We Assist You to

Close your gap.

Get life going in the direction you want—feeling the way you want to feel with focus and ease. Navigate all life offers, the way YOU WANT—eyes wide open.

Feel and experience the full range of what life compels you to  experience. It can happen, but you have to WANT 'it' and make 'it' happen the way you want.

We designed things to start where you are. The three products and services start at a surface-level and go deeper to your core. All designed to assist you close your gap with impact. Start where you feel comfortable.

1. Be Inspired...

Be Inspired is about seeing a vision for what's possible in your life. It's the inspirational story of one of our founders. An incredible story of self-discovery and transformation that led to the creation of the 7 VIBRANTs. The 7 VIBRANTs system powers VIBRANT U Academy. A mindset and life-management system allowing you to capitalize on your native ability and energy.

Be Inspired is a $19.97 audiobook, narrated by one of our founders. It's bound to shift how you see life and what's possible. Click Learn More below to see more details.

2. Build a Solid Foundation...

Build a Solid Foundation is a 6-week, self-study, course. The course identifies how your routine thoughts and feelings lead to your actions creating your life.

The question really is this. Are your feelings, thoughts, and actions taking you where you want to go in life or not? Greater consciousness (mindfulness) about how routine thoughts and feelings create the actions/results wanted in your life. That's the intended outcome of the course.

The course is designed for you to act at your own pace. The purpose is to build a solid, grounded foundation of mindfulness.  The course costs $200, it's a group course ,with extensive workbook activities. Click Learn More below to see more details.

3. Create YOUR Future with Focused—clarity and Support...

Create YOUR Future with Focused-clarity and Support is a 9-week one-on-one program. The purpose is for you to create the life YOU WANT with support. So you live the life you want, how you want to experience it, over time.

The course is based on Steps A, B, and C above. The course starts with three weeks of detailed assessment in the seven principal areas that create your life--the 7 VIBRANTs. Then three weeks identifying where you want to go in your life. The last three weeks are about practicing what you learned on a daily basis to make 'it' real. It's a $1,500 individual, one-on-one course designed for you to achieve results. Click Learn More below to see more details.


What Customers Say.

Jon helped me find targets I couldn't find and opened doors. It have more confidence to focus on what I want. Working with Jon is like talking to a friend who listens and asks thoughtful questions that dive deeper into concerns. I'm more skeptical, cynical, Jon is more optimistic and positive so he helps balance me out.


Jon’s a coach who knew when to hold space for me when I was exposing my vulnerability and when to challenge me when I was pulling back in fear. This allowed me to fully process the most important events of my life and to make breakthroughs to live a better life.


The VIBRANT analysis was dead on, based on the critical areas that needed help to enhance my life. I keep the report on my dresser, and try to implement the action plan derived from the analysis to improve each and every day, and it works!!!


Working with VIBRANT U Academy allowed me to think about things and get below the surface, deep into my heart and mind where life originates and radiates from. It opened the space to get things off my shoulders and to get off my butt and get going. The experience is awesome.


Last year I started to work with VIBRANT U because I'd become overly focused on work. I’m the founding member of a startup and had become overly focused on my professional life. Things had become too one dimensional.


My time with the Academy has been worth it's weight in gold over the last 2 years. The time spent has fundamentally shifted both my life personally and in my business. This program taught me a philosophy that has helped me shift into a life of abundance.


The VIBRANTs offer a clear-cut vision into our fundamental characteristics. With this process, self-reflection becomes more effective and even more truthful. You can single-out the areas of your life which need improvement, strategize on how to get there, and evaluate your progress throughout the way.


Jon helped me grow my business 100% over the past year. Jon has the combination of vision and action to help me make things happen.


The VIBRANTs offer a clear-cut vision into our fundamental characteristics. With this process, self-reflection becomes more effective and even more truthful. You can single-out the areas of your life which need improvement, strategize on how to get there, and evaluate your progress throughout the way.

J. B.

Dr. Brad Bongiovanni

Based on 20+ years in medicine, Dr. B leverages fascinating lessons about what really moves the needle on people reclaiming a state of deep well-being. His experience allows him to architect the EXPERIENCE of wellbeing for individuals, executives, and organizations who want to drive performance and actualize their potential. Dr. B is a 2x TEDx speaker and national media contributor on his expertise of the science and implementation of wellbeing.


Jon Chandonnet

In 1997,  Jon was a student at MIT with a front row seat to the exploding digital revolution when the unthinkable happened. He had a disease with the potential to stop him in his tracks. Jon graduated, got a job with a technology start-up, Sapient Corporation, and tempted fate. With no choice but to see where life might take him. His journey led him to write the book Shadow Summit and create VIBRANT U Academy. Taking what he learned assisting people reduce life's ambiguity, uncertainty, and anxiety—to live their BEST life with focused-clarity, persistence, joy, and even ease. It can be done. Client outcomes show the results.

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